Sun Window and Door Plant Tour and Training

Once again I was overwhelmed by what a great business partner we have in Frank Anderson and everyone at Sun Windows. Sun Windows is a third generation family owned window and door manufacturer in Owensboro, KY and they provide our high end aluminum clad finestration products. The most amazing thing about their products are not the end result you see, but the process and the people behind them. The entire product is built in house which insures the highest quality and cost control. Each person in the plant has a true desire to produce a great product that will not only guarantee their success but provide a place for future generations to support their families in the Owensboro area. There is a deep sense of honor and pride seen in the faces of the employees as we toured the facitlity (and I see it everytime I come up here!) They understand that if they put a great product in the market for us to provide to our customers that they will reep the benefits. It is truly an amazing place. If you have a history of buying Marvin, Anderson, Lincoln or any other clad window, you owe it to yourself to look at Sun Windows and Doors. All of their products are displayed in our two showrooms and their website is chocked full of information. ( Please feel free to ask us any questions or let us set up a plant tour so you can experience for yourself The Sun Difference.

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