Tornado Place Shelters


I bet you can remember exactly where you were on the afternoon of April 27th, 2011. I know I’ll never forget where I was.

We had all been warned of potentially rough weather, but when you live in North Alabama, you never really know if that means a typical thunderstorm or something much more serious. Around here, things can change quickly from calm to panic. They sure did that day.

As the skies began to get dark and we heard the sirens going off around the neighborhood, I do what a lot of dads do. I put on a brave face for the family and put our “tornado safety plan” into action. We got in the bathtub. It sounds funny now, but at the time it seemed perfectly normal and for all four of us to pile into a pre-fab bathroom fixture, not to mention a place designed for one, not a family of four.

For a lot of families though, the bathtub is the safety plan. Maybe it’s a closet or under the bed or maybe you have a neighbor with a basement. The fact is, most people simply don’t have a place in their home that would adequately protect them should a tornado come rolling down the street. My family certainly didn’t and in the days and weeks after the storms, it really weighed on my mind.

We started carrying Tornado Place interior storm shelters at the store and I think it’s something you should be aware of – especially if you’ve ever shared a bathtub with your family. For a lot less than an outside shelter you can have a safe place to go when the weather turns ugly. I won’t get into all the details, but just know that these shelters are modular – meaning that you can custom install one in your home and instantly create a steel enclosure that will be big enough for you and your family (dogs, cats, fish) and it’s not terribly expensive. I’d love to let you see one. We have a fully assembled shelter in the showroom. It’s really cool (very heavy) and straight-forward to install. It can be in within just a few hours.

Come by. I’ll tell you all about it.

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