4 tips to decide when to replace your entry doors


Entry doors aren’t exactly on our minds very often. Usually they’re minor details of our day as we open and close them over and over to come and go.

A front door is an important part of a home’s look. A front door is also a major component of a home’s overall efficiency. It is, after all, a big hole in your house; a hole that needs to have a tight seal to work effectively. It’s also supposed to keep bad guys on the outside! Also, doors should be considerd in any home improvement project as well. We spend a lot of time fretting about our interior, but a sharp front door can do wonders for the overall look of a home.

You certinaly know that entry doors are important and what’s nice is that it only takes a few minutes to check and make sure yours are working like they should. So, how do you know when it’s time to replace an entry door?

1. Check how the door fits into the frame. Open and close the exterior doors in your house. Try it on both dry and wet, humid days. Make sure all the components and fixtures operate smoothly. If the door doesn’t close well or fit tightly on humid days, then it’s most likely allowing a free flow of air on dry days.

2. Check the weather stripping. Look closely at the weather stripping around all sides of the front door to make sure it doesn’t look worn or cracked. On a bright day, stand inside near the door and look at the edges for any signs of daylight. If light is visible, then so is external air and possibly moisture. Solving this problem may be as simple as replacing the weather stripping.

3. Is the door secure? While checking for faults in the door it’s a good time to test the locks to make sure they operate smoothly and are strong enough to keep bad guys out. We get caught up in the structure and efficiency of a door and often forget that it’s another important purpose is security. Make sure you’re comfortable with the door’s sturdiness. Imagine you’re outside wanting in. How easy would it be to force your way inside?

4. Check the door for temperature. Feel the interior side of the door on both hot and cold days. If you feel the outside temperatures on the inside surface of the door, then it may not have adequate insulation. In this situation, consider upgrading the door with a replacement that is more energy efficient and has an ENERGY STAR® qualified rating for your area. Look into a multi-point locking system on a new door for a tighter fit against the weather stripping. That will help provide even greater energy savings.


Nothing too difficult. Doors aren’t overly-complicated things, but they do need some attention every now and then to be sure they’re doing what we want them to do. As always, if you have any questions or want to talk to someone at City Lumber about your doors, you know how to reach us.

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