While trusses are not new to us, (City Lumber started manufacturing trusses in the 80’s) as a builder/consumer you may still have questions. Framing with wood trusses is the reliable, efficient way to build economical, dependable homes. Building with custom-built roof trusses designed by City Lumber Co. will transform your construction experience.

Higher Construction Value
Wood trusses boost construction value by reducing costs without compromising quality. Our meticulously engineered roof trusses ensure high-quality framing while also eliminating the variables that can hamper building projects and drive up costs.

Our professional engineers will take your exact loading specifications and deliver custom trusses economically, accurately, and designed for the highest tolerances.

Extensive Selection
With a tremendous portfolio of truss designs, we have every truss type imaginable to suit your job including attic rooms, vaults and trays.

Reduced Costs
Unlike conventional framing, roof trusses do not contribute to job site waste and therefore reduce your clean-up costs. Because your trusses are delivered exactly when needed, they are less likely to be vandalized or stolen.

Increased Job Site Efficiencies
Installing roof trusses is easier than conventional framing, so our wood trusses increase production while saving labor. Because they arrive at the job site ready to install, roof trusses help you to avoid common framing delays and build more, faster.

Enhanced Performance
Built to withstand local and national building code requirements, City Lumber’s roof trusses are designed to handle any load and can structurally support even the most complex framing systems.

Quick Delivery
Say goodbye to shipping hassles and delays. With City Lumber’s fleet of trucks, we will be on time, just in time, so you don’t waste time!

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