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Ply Gem Windows

Ply Gem 4880 Patio Door

The Ply Gem Windows 4880 thermally insulated patio door is designed to combine affordability with enhanced thermal protection. The patio door is available in two-, three-, and fourpanel sliding and pocket configurations and features thermally insulated construction along with highperformance glazing packages. Sliding, multi-panel doors can accommodate openings up to 8′ high x 16′ wide. The pocket style doors recess into the wall and are designed to provide unrestricted access between indoors and outdoors. New for 2017, the Ply Gem 4880 patio door can be upgraded with an automated operating system that allows homeowners to control it from anywhere, anytime—either with the included remote or with the DreamView app for iOS devices and smart phones. www.plygem.com

We have had a strong relationship with Ply Gem over the years and they continue to push the boundaries to bring new and innovative products to the market and we are pleased to offer them. I mean, come on, it has a remote and an app – that’s easy living! While we don’t have one on display, stop by our showroom to see what we can do to help with any of your window or door needs.

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