Window Replacement – THE REAL TRUTH

What are window replacements?
You mean I have more than one option?
I didn’t know I could do that!
Thanks City Lumber!

These are things we hear all the time at City Lumber in regards to replacement windows.

Summer seems to have passed and we are headed into winter again. You might have been thinking about replacing your windows last fall and never got around to it. We tend to notice more in the winter how poorly our old windows perform. There is colder air blowing in, panes are frosted, maybe the wood has shrunk and we start to see daylight around the windows. Regardless of the reason, now is a perfect time to look into your options. Most places have one solution – stick a vinyl window inside your old window and wrap whatever is exposed. The problem is, you just lost part of your daylight opening! That is one of the primary purposes for windows.

At City Lumber, we take the time to look at your situation and propose several options to you. Many times, we will end up employing two or three different solutions on a home to correct the problems properly and not just throw a single product at multiple problems.

Should you use Vinyl, Wood, Composite PVC, Aluminum Clad Wood or something else? Did you even know you had those options? Maybe not, but that is what we help you understand when you choose to work City Lumber for replacement windows. Our team asks the questions, we inspect the property and we suggest solutions based on your budget and on what we determine to be causing problems. Sometimes it’s not even the window! It might just be replacing molding or repairing exterior trim on the window.

The next time you or someone you know is talking about replacement windows, think outside of the box and maybe even outside of the world and think inside the City! City Lumber is your place for replacement windows and doors, take the time know to learn what your options really are.

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