Products – Which ones, how many and why???

Stocking a building supply store with the right supplies can be very difficult.

There are literally thousands of options. Everyone uses a different caulk, a different brand tool and has a favorite saw blade. So what do you do as a buyer? Well, at City Lumber Co. we try and do the research on the front end to find the best products that are readily available, offered at a fair price and we know we have manufacturer support. We scour the market shows for updated technology, improved performance products and totally new innovations. We constantly read about what contractors are doing all across the United States to try and learn.

Once we find the products then comes part two of the process. It’s our job to educate you, the consumer, on why maybe a different brand or a new way of doing something is going to benefit you. Sure it may be different, but there is a reason and with just a few minutes of time and trying it on a job, maybe you find a better product or a better method and it helps your business.

Sometimes it’s value and not price. Does is speed up the process or improve performance? Will it benefit you/your customer in the long run? After all, our cars aren’t built like they used to be, our phone is more powerful than the first computers and nobody uses a hand saw anymore! And we gladly pay more to have power steering, not to have to carry a beeper and to power up that cordless handsaw. Change is necessary to advance and that applies to our industry as well.

Don’t let busyness keep you from learning about new opportunities. Those new opportunities may be what makes you stand out from the crowd and start earning more work. And if you’re better off because we took the time to bring in new products, then we’re happy and have done our job.

Don’t settle for what’s worked in the past, look to the future. You learn something new everyday!

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