How to Buy

Of course this is America, so we love cash! But if you are working on a more extended project we have a couple of options for you.

If you are a professional builder/remodeler, contractor, or subcontractor we will establish a credit account on your behalf that is managed by BlueTarp Financial. This will give you daily access, via their website, to all of your transactions. You can see each job and what your total billing is. You can copy and paste invoices on your letterhead to distribute to customers. You can make payments on-line or over the phone if you are traveling or as always, bring them to the office! Take the paperwork burden away at the end of each month and manage it daily.

If you are an individual doing a larger one time project and would like time to pay off the project, we have 6 months same as cash, 12 months same as cash or even just a straight financing option managed through Acceptance Loan Company.

If you are an individual doing an ongoing project we can create an in-house credit account with a credit limit based on your credit score. This account closes billing on the 28th of each month, a statement is sent out and payment is due by the 10th of the following month.

If you are an individual just buying occasionally we can create a “Cash” account for tracking your invoices but each time an order is placed, payment will be required.