Author: Jason

Build with the Best

It’s not just a saying, it’s what we truly strive to achieve at City Lumber Co. We purposefully and selectively choose each and every product we stock in the store and and on the yard. We diligently research and compare features and benefits, look at pricing, availability, support from the vendor and manufacturer. Once the […]

Estimating Department

3 Days Great news! Our estimating department is currently turning around framing estimates for your homes in 3 days! Spring building season is on the way. We can provide you with material lists, a layout for all of your material and a summary sheet of what each piece should be used for. Reduce your waste […]

Boral TruExterior

Well gang, TruExterior is finally in stock! We have added 1x trim boards, 1×8 bevel cedar siding and the skirt board to our inventory. We have the ability to special order other items within reasonable time lines as well. Watch this video to learn a little more about this innovative product and how it might […]

Products – Which ones, how many and why???

Stocking a building supply store with the right supplies can be very difficult. There are literally thousands of options. Everyone uses a different caulk, a different brand tool and has a favorite saw blade. So what do you do as a buyer? Well, at City Lumber Co. we try and do the research on the […]

Fall is almost here………’s Friday!

With fall upon us we have added a new color scheme to our logo! Of course, half of you will hate it but your day is coming. Why is it we jump to conclusions so quickly that are negative? When was the last time you remember a conversation where someone jumped to a conclusion and […]

Me, Me, Me

Twitter this, Snapchat that, Facebook those, Instagram these, selfie, selfie, selfie…………….yuck. I’m done with it, I’m over it. I’ve actually been over it. I’m NOT A FAN. When did people stop being real with each other? I don’t know the answer. I do know that when I grew up, any parent could scold me or […]

Window Replacement – THE REAL TRUTH

What are window replacements? You mean I have more than one option? I didn’t know I could do that! Thanks City Lumber! These are things we hear all the time at City Lumber in regards to replacement windows. Summer seems to have passed and we are headed into winter again. You might have been thinking […]

Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing helps in the Winter TOO

We live in the South, so we all think about long hot summers. So when we are building, we consider using some sort of radiant barrier sheathing on our roofs to help with cooling the house and keeping summer out. But we don’t often think that the same technology can also help us keep our […]

Walnut – How to work with it!

Walnuts aren’t just a snack! We have had a lot of interest lately from people doing woodworking projects around their home and Walnut seems to be of high interest as of late. Walnut is not only a beautiful option but it also actually works well for bending projects with steam bending. Strange considering it is […]

Each month, hundreds of products hit the market. Here’s our pick of the one to watch!

Ply Gem Windows Ply Gem 4880 Patio Door The Ply Gem Windows 4880 thermally insulated patio door is designed to combine affordability with enhanced thermal protection. The patio door is available in two-, three-, and fourpanel sliding and pocket configurations and features thermally insulated construction along with highperformance glazing packages. Sliding, multi-panel doors can accommodate […]