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Guest blog post: Sourcing a bar top [part two]

The next chapter in this ongoing saga is pretty interesting. Jason and I have been talking every few days about what I’m looking for where I might find it, and most importantly, how much it might cost. A week or so before Christmas, Jason called me and suggested I take a drive out to a […]

Guest blog post: Sourcing a bar top [part one]

My friend Bill Fowler is soon to open a beer and wine retail shop in downtown Huntsville called Old Town Beer Exchange. While it’s not a bar, there will be a small bar inside and Bill is looking for something special. This will be no ordinary bar. The base will likely be made using sourced […]

The Art of Listening

Whether you’re a business owner or not, take a moment today and listen to your workplace or even your household. Hear what’s going on around you. Listen for the things that you expect to hear and maybe take note of the things you didn’t expect.