Truss Design & Manufacturing

The next time you get ready to start a building project, large or small, visit the Truss Design Center at City Lumber Co. Let one of our staff help you decide which products will work best with your project.

* We offer manufactured Roof and Floor Trusses, Open Web Floors, I-joists, LVL beams and Rimboard to meet your needs
* Truss poducts engineered to specific requirements: Common, Attic, Gambrel, Scissor, Cathedral, Trey, etc.
* Laminated truss layouts provided with construction information delivered to jobsite
* Computer operated TCT saw for unmatched quality and accuracy in cuts
* Unloading trusses
* Truss to beam and truss to truss connectors supplied by Mitek/USP
* Design team backed by engineers and software by Mitek
* I-Joist, LVL and Rimboard products supplied by TrusJoist
* Quality Control system in place to verify consistency

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All products that we manufacture are considered Green and help us maintain our status as a Certified Green Dealer.

The Certified Green Dealer® Program is the nation’s only program for certifying the nation’s green lumber and building material dealerships.

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